Mt St Helens Guest Book

Mt St Helens Guest Book

I love your site and find it very interesting to read.

I'm from the Northwest but have never visited the volcano site. I too remember Mt. St. Helens and the glorious Spirit Lake before the eruption and somehow I have been reluctant to see it in its current state.

Your article enabled me to get an idea of what I am missing.

The photographs are lovely too.

Mary Sykes
Vernonia, OR

I Love your site! I’m 39 and from Iowa; but we visited our family in Portland repeatedly throughout the 70’s and 80’s when I was a boy.

I have been completely fascinated by the volcano ever since 5-18-80, and have studied and collected as much information and literature over the years as I the hopes of revisiting the majestic lady I saw the summer I was 9 years old and reliving how incredible it was to gaze upon her...

My memories from the summer of ‘78 are of a perfectly symmetrical cone looming over the city of Portland, and of it being clearly visible from the Columbia River gorge...I can’t believe something so perfect and beautiful is now gone...

But when we came back again in July of ’80, right after the eruption, the ash was everywhere, and people were wearing filtration masks and cleaning it up with snowplows... Wow...

After that came back again twice:

In June of ’84, when we came in from the North and stopped at the Bear Meadow parking area right at sunset, there wasn’t any new growth to speak of yet, the place was empty and spooky, silent and ghostly....

By Aug of ’87, there was some life returning to the area...we came in from the South that time and went to the visitor center and saw the “Buried A Frame”... but couldn’t see the crater...

After flying over the mountain at night in September of ’93, and seeing her glowing in the moonlight; I have devoted enormous effort and time searching for as many pictures of St Helens as are available from before she erupted...taken from every angle and viewpoint...

I’d love to see more of these on your site, as well as any original maps of the Spirit Lake area... of where all the lodges, camps, and attractions were...

Is this possible? I think others like me would be just as appreciative

Note from the editor:
Here you go Keith...this is a photo from Barry Murray,s family Pacific Crest Trail horse trip in 1969, of a pre-erupted Mt. St. Helens. This and and the complete story can be read at Enjoy!
Thank you again!!

Keith Arbore

Cedar Rapids, IA


Just wanted to say that I like your site. And, I would like to pass along the idea that Spring is the perfect time to visit Mt. St. Helens. Most people don't know that the road is plowed, or that you can leave the driving to tour operators. I think St. Helens is beautiful with a mantle of fresh powder snow.

Tessa Clark
Rainier, Oregon

We were a group of foresters visiting the North West this spring, and we finished our tour by having a Day at Mt. St. Helens. Although I followed the event on the news coverage and later articles in National geograhphic, seeing was believing. It' wasn't until I saw the extent of the damage, even though nearly 20 years has passed, that I appreciated the forces of nature that were set loose that day. It was my first contact with a living volcano and I will never forget the experience. I was also impressed by how far the clear up had come and your information at the visitor centres was very professional. Needless to say I have now surfed over your webpages to gather more info and I will use them as a reference point later.

Thank you.
Robert Offord, forestry technician, Norway

Greetings from Michigan --

Just a comment on your Mt. Saint Helens' site to say ahh, how I remember May 18, 1980. I grew up in Seattle, and was headed to church when the sound of the main eruption met my ears. At first I didn't know what I was hearing -- perhaps a wind tunnel test at the Boeing plant a bit to the south of me -- but the news quickly spread around the congregation that morning.I now live in Michigan, but travel to the Pacific Northwest whenever possible. Thank you for your online presence!

The Rev. Christopher P. Harris,
Garden City Presbyterian Church
Garden City, Michigan

Just wanted to take a minute and compliment you on the great picture that now
comes up when logging on. The colors are beautiful and it's a wonderful
photo. I visited the volcano in the summer of 97 and was lucky enough to be
there on a picture clear day. When I found this website I quickly became
hooked so now everyday when I come home from work and log on I check 2 items.
The stock market and the volcano! I'm still waiting for a view that was as
clear as the day we were there. Who would have ever thought that technology
would have allowed me to view the volcano from Long Beach California! Thanks
for a terrific website.

Sincerely, Sandy Combs


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